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 Overview of Root Canal Treatment

Popularly known as root canal therapy (RCT), the technical name of this procedure is endodontic therapy, as it is a dental treatment that involves cleaning the inside of a tooth.

The soft central portion of the tooth is called the pulp or the root canal which contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. If an injury or infection occurs in the root canal, while the crown of the tooth is intact, RCT is preferred as it saves the natural tooth.

About Single-Visit Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment traditionally requires more than two sittings, but with the advent of modern techniques in endodontics, single-visit RCT is fast becoming popular, as it saves the time of both the patient and the dentist, and is cost-saving too. Let us learn more about this form of RCT.

Who Performs the Root Canal Treatment?

A dentist or an endodontist can perform RCT. Endodontists are specially trained in root canal treatment. Get your RCT done at the best dental clinic in Chennai.

How is Single-Visit RCT Performed?

Single Visit RCT is performed in the following steps:

  1. Your dentist will numb the area around your diseased tooth with the help of a local anaesthetic.
  2. The dentist will then make a small hole in the centre of the tooth and remove all the diseased pulp with the help of small files.
  3. Next, the dentist will irrigate the tooth several times to thoroughly clean it.
  4. The space is then filled with a rubber-like material and sealed completely with an adhesive.
  5. The tooth without its pulp is fragile, hence a permanent crown or filling is placed on the tooth to provide stability and strength.

Who Qualifies for Single-Visit RCT?

Single-visit RCT is viable in the following cases:

  • Uncomplicated, healthy vital teeth with only superficial infection.
  • Patients desiring RCT voluntarily as a part of complete oral rehabilitation.
  • Patients with fractured front teeth, desiring immediate restoration for aesthetic reasons.
  • Physically or mentally disabled patients who have difficulty enduring multiple visits.

Benefits of Single-Visit Root Canal Therapy

  • Convenient for the patient as it saves them time and money spent on multiple visits.
  • Decreases the risk of infection or flare-ups in between the two appointments due to the loss of temporary seal.
  • Increases the efficiency and success rate of the procedure as the dentist prepares and fills the canal at the same time. This minimizes the chances of error as it avoids the need to re-understand the canal anatomy at the next visit.

Complications of Single-Visit RCT

  • The longer duration of a single appointment can be tiring for both the patient and the dentist.
  • In a single-visit RCT, the dentist does not get a chance to place an intracanal antibiotic, thus there might be a risk of some infection remaining.
  • If haemorrhage or exudate occurs, it becomes difficult to control that and also complete the procedure in the same visit.

The expertise of the endodontist matters a lot in the success of single-visit RCT. It is thus important to get this procedure done by the best dental surgeon in your city.

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