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Paediatric dentistry is a speciality of dentistry that looks after the oral health of newborns, kids, and teenagers through examination and therapy. Oral health examinations, preventive dental care, and diagnosis of oral conditions are some comprehensive oral health care services provided by paediatric dentists.

About paediatric dentistry

An excellent approach to make sure your child gets the required dental care is via paediatric dentistry. The best dental doctor in India can help your kid to deal with different teeth issues and guide them towards oral hygiene. As children are more prone to tooth decay than adults, it is crucial to make sure they receive the right dental care by scheduling routine appointments with a paediatric dentist.

When to see a paediatric dentist?

When your child complains about a toothache or sensitivity problem, it is important to consult a specialist. The patient should be below 18 years to consult a paediatric dentist. You can always search for the “best dental doctor near me” to find an experienced and qualified specialist.

Why do you need to visit a paediatric dentist?

A paediatric dentist ensures that your child receives the proper dental care, which includes taking care of cavities, tooth decay and mouth hygiene. The top three common reasons to visit a reliable dental clinic in India for your child are as follows:

Dental cleaning

Dental cleaning is essential for children, as it helps in cleaning the plaque build-up on teeth, which can cause cavities and gum problems. In addition, dental cleaning also helps in strengthening the teeth and protecting their roots.

Cavity prevention

While thorough cleaning and proper dental hygiene are excellent for avoiding cavities in kids, they might not be sufficient. Children's enamel is delicate and prone to pain. To preserve the enamel and prevent cavities, kids need dental sealants or other preventative therapies.

Dental crown

If one or more of the teeth sustain substantial damage, especially if the tooth or teeth become chipped or fractured, a kid requires a dental crown. If the child has a tooth problem, a paediatric dentist can assess if a dental crown is necessary or beneficial. If you are looking to get a dental crown, you can search for a “dental specialist near me.”

Common treatments in paediatric dentistry

Dental cavity is one of the most common dental issues in children. Early detection of such dental complications can prevent long-term damage to the kid’s oral health. Common paediatric dental treatments are as follows:

  • Preventative dental care
  • Teeth straightening
  • Identification and management of oral conditions
  • Tooth restoration and intervention
  • Repair of dental injuries


It's crucial to start taking your kids to the dentist at a young age. When you stress oral health to children early on, it forms a habit that stays with them. You need to look for the best dental hospital in India to consult with the best paediatric dentist.

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