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Rafika Ali

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the outstanding care that Dr. Shafath Ahmed and Team at Apollo Dental Clinic, Ashok Nagar have provided during my visit. Firstly, Dr. Shafath Ahmed worked out the entire treatment in a very timely manner as I was visiting India only during the summer holidays from the US. Within the time, there were a couple of things to be done that the team promptly carried out with adequate days interval between procedures, so I was able to enjoy my trip and also return pain free. I highly appreciate the friendly, patient, professional and expertise care I recieved for every treatment under Dr. Shafath for Prosthodontics, Dr. Abishek for General Dentistry, Dr. Preetham for Endodontics and Dr. Avinash for Oral Surgery. Hatsoff to their conservative approach, to be honest, they whole heartedly wanted to keep every tooth of mine safe, more than I've expected! Thanks to nurses, Sr. Bhuvana and Sr. Anita for their kind assistance, and the receptionist's care for timely reminders and follow ups. Thank you all.

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