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Aasha from Mauritius

For Someone who has never walked into a dental surgery alone in my life and who is normally scared at the mere sight of the dentist’s instruments, coming to Mumbai on my own for specialised treatment at the Apollo Dental Clinic has been a huge step indeed. Right from the beginning, I was made to feel at ease by Dr Niketa’s thorough examination and the detailed explanations she gave as to the treatment required which were all clear and concise and at the same time comforting. I spent two weeks going to and from the clinic for interventions almost every other day. If somebody had told me that I would feel like dozing off during a surgery being performed in my mouth I would have thought he was insane. However this is exactly what happened to me whilst I was under the specialist care of the doctors at the Apollo Dental Clinic, such was my level of comfort during the interventions. The expertise, professionalism and dexterity of all the doctors i.e Dr Komal Shah who performed flap surgery and bone grafting, Dr Nilesh Jadhav, implantologist and Dr Niketa, endodontist, made the whole process smooth and easy much to my own amazement. I am happy I made the right choice by choosing Apollo Dental Clinic and would certainly recommend them to all my friends and acquaintances who require expert and professional dental treatment, minus the pain.

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