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Interceptive Orthodontics


You’ll probably see some teenagers using clear aligners or other orthodontic equipment if you look at any group of teenagers. Although most orthodontic procedures may be performed on patients of any age, there is one that is designed exclusively for kids whose mouths are still developing. This technique, known as interceptive orthodontics, has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years. You may be missing out on something important if you haven’t heard about it.

Why is Interceptive Orthodontics Recommended?

The initial goal of interceptive orthodontics is to address the growth of the jaw bones early on, while it is still simple to direct their development, to ensure that they are in the proper location and size. Mandibular insufficiency will need far more involved therapies in maturity if it is not corrected while the bones are still growing.

Who can perform Interceptive Orthodontics?

To regulate growth and fix developmental occlusion issues, interceptive orthodontics employs phased treatments. An orthodontist can assist with the treatment. If you are looking for interceptive orthodontics treatment, you can reach out to an expert dental specialist in Mumbai.

How is Interceptive Orthodontics Conducted?

It’s not always necessary to reposition teeth or jaws during interceptive orthodontic therapy. Sometimes, all that has to be done is to provide room for future teeth. A primary (baby) tooth that has been extracted or that has emerged too soon may occasionally be supported by a little device called a space maintainer.

It holds a space for the eruption of a permanent tooth and is often composed of acrylic or metal. In many cases, maintaining this gap open enables the permanent tooth to erupt in the ideal place, negating the need to move it. In situations like this, prevention is always preferable to treatment. Thus, you need to immediately visit a dental clinic in Mumbai to get the right treatment.

What are the Benefits of Interceptive Orthodontics?

  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Stops loss of teeth
  • Repairs bite issues
  • Lessens the chance of dental trauma


Reach out to a reputable dental hospital in Mumbai to receive an appropriate diagnosis if your child is between the ages of seven and eight and exhibiting indications of needing orthodontic treatment or if your family dentist has advised you to see an orthodontist.

What does the interceptive orthodontic treatment aim to achieve?

Inhibiting the growth and development of the jaws or other oral tissues at a young age is the aim of interceptive orthodontics. At an older age, this kind of dental work is frequently unattainable or, at the very least, more challenging.

What is the importance of interceptive orthodontics?

Early orthodontic intervention can stop or lessen the severity of a growing malocclusion, the difficulty of orthodontic therapy, the length of time it takes, and the expense of treatment. Additionally, it raises participants’ self-esteem and parental happiness.

What does interceptive and preventative orthodontics entail?

In both preventative and interceptive orthodontics, many operations are common, although the dates vary. While interceptive measures are implemented after a problem has already emerged, preventive meas ures are taken in advance of a problem developing.

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