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Frenectomy or frenulectomy is a type of oral surgery used for treating tongue-tie or lip-tie. It involves the surgeon modifying or cutting off the frenum. The frenum is a tissue band joining two parts inside the mouth: the tongue to the mouth floor and the lips to the gums.

Our mouth naturally contains multiple frena, which usually do not cause any problems. However, if the frenum is too tight or short, it can lead to oral health issues and negatively impacts your speech. In babies, it can lead to problems with breastfeeding and swallowing.

Why Is Frenectomy Recommended?

The best dentist in Ranchi may recommend frenectomy for several reasons including:

  • A lip-tie limiting lip movement
  • Gum recession, resulting in cavities, mobility, and gingivitis
  • Tongue tie, limiting the range of motion of your tongue
  • Pain, tenderness, and swelling with oral care or brushing
  • Diastema (or gap between the teeth), which could be cosmetically unpleasant

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Who Can Perform Frenectomy?

An orthodontist can perform your frenectomy if it is causing oral health or speech issues. It is simple and takes less time. If you are looking for the best dentist in Ranchi, contact Apollo Dental Clinic, Ranchi.

How Is Frenectomy Conducted?

In the case of infants, the frenum is easily removed using scissors. The procedure is quick and takes less time. In the case of adults and older children, the dentist may numb the area using local anaesthesia and then modify the frenum using surgical scissors or a scalpel. Some cases may require sutures to close the incision. You can get the entire process done at the office of a dental specialist in Ranchi. It takes around 30 minutes.

What Are The Benefits Of Frenectomy?

Frenectomy is an easy procedure and offers tons of benefits including:

  • Improves breastfeeding issues in infants
  • Helps with speech issues caused by tongue-tie
  • Enhances your smile by helping get rid of gaps
  • Reduces oral health issues such as tooth decay and gum diseases

What Are The Possible Complications Of Frenectomy?

Frenectomy also carries the risk of complications such as:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Injury to saliva ducts draining near your tongue-tie
  • Reattachment of frenum
  • Allergic reaction to the anaesthetic agent


Frenectomy is a simple and quick procedure that will take place in the office of a dental specialist in Ranchi. It is quite common as it can help with speech development and breastfeeding. If your child or you has issues such as tongue-tie or lip-tie and are looking for the best dental clinic in Ranchi, get in touch with us.

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How long does it take to recover from a frenectomy?

Infants recover quickly from a frenectomy and can feed without any problems immediately. In adults and older kids, recovery may take 3-5 days.

When can I return to school or work after a frenectomy?

Most people can return to normal work and school after one day following a frenectomy.

When will I be able to eat or drink?

You can start sipping liquids immediately after the procedure. You must wait for the numbness from anaesthesia to completely wear off before eating.

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