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A tooth extraction is a procedure that can be used for different reasons, such as severe decay or damage. This procedure can remove bacteria while improving overall oral health. An oral surgeon or dentist generally performs it, and it is a quick outpatient procedure.

Why is Tooth Extraction Recommended?

If there is a deep infection in a tooth or when it comes to treating poorly positioned teeth, the dentist may suggest a tooth extraction. Besides, tooth extraction is also carried out to treat gum diseases and tooth injuries caused by trauma. If the patient's wisdom teeth are causing issues, through tooth extraction, they can be removed.

Who can Perform a Tooth Extraction?

An oral surgeon or the best dentist in Port Blair is generally well-suited for tooth extraction procedures. They have specialized in different invasive procedures. Sometimes, the dentist may suggest their patients visit an oral surgeon for the extraction as they have the required equipment and resources.

How is The Procedure Conducted?

Based on the condition, the dentist may perform a simple or surgical extraction. During a surgical extraction, intravenous anesthesia is used. The dentist will make a cut into the gum and may remove the bone around the teeth before the extraction. Once done, the area will be stitched for healing.

What Are the Benefits of Tooth Extraction?

It eliminates harmful bacteria to protect your gums and teeth. Removing an affected tooth is also the best option for maintaining good oral health. Furthermore, it can reduce dental pain immediately, especially if the tooth is infected and broken.

What Are the Possible Complications?

Sometimes, tooth extraction can lead to nerve damage or infection. It can also damage teeth restorations or other teeth. Patients may feel pain or discomfort after the procedure. Healing of wounds is slow in this procedure. Prefer to talk to a professional dental surgeon in Port Blair before the procedure to know the risk factors.


Tooth extraction can be a painful procedure, but in some cases, tooth extraction is considered the best way to remove infection and enhance your appearance. If the dentist recommends a tooth extraction, discuss about the replacement options. Are you searching for the best dental clinic near me? Visit Apollo Dental now. Request an appointment at Apollo Dental, Port Blair. You can also call 18001020288 to book your appointment or click here.

How long will be the healing duration?

Well, it will depend on the surgery type and the teeth's location. The average recovery duration is 14 days.

What can one eat after the extraction?

Patients should avoid eating crunchy and hard foods for around the first two to three days. Eat soft foods like eggs, pasta, applesauce, yogurt, etc.

What is the cost of simple tooth extraction?

A simple tooth extraction in Port Blair may cost around Rs.2000 to Rs. 5000. For a surgical tooth extraction, you may need to pay up to Rs. 8000.

How much is it cost to extract wisdom teeth?

Based on the complexity of the wisdom teeth extraction, the cost can go up to Rs. 7000 in Port Blair.

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