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Interceptive Orthodontics

You may have noticed a few acquaintances or family members having utilised braces while they were children over the years. Such issues are handled by orthodontics, which is a field of study that addresses the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of misaligned teeth and jaws. In some circumstances, orthodontists can determine if tooth problems are likely to develop between the ages of 7 and 10 or not. Interceptive orthodontics is the practice of going in this direction.

Why is interceptive orthodontics recommended?

When dental surgeons intervene at the early stages of life to cure problems, there is a significant advantage moving forward into the future. Therefore, orthodontists could potentially provide therapy at a young age to address a problem in its early stages.

Extractions, temporary appliance use, space management, and the correction of crowding and crossbites are all part of interceptive orthodontics, which aims to preserve good dental hygiene for the foreseeable future. Multiple researchers have ascertained that addressing these problems early on will assist patients in avoiding the administration of more involved treatments down the road for problems including crossbite, jaw displacement, etc.

Who can perform interceptive orthodontics?

The surgery can be carried out by a paediatric dental surgeon with experience dealing with such cases. Experienced orthodontists can handle the various facets of interceptive orthodontics, which primarily monitors the dental health of a developing child.

How is Interceptive orthodontics conducted?

Interceptive orthodontics is a method which is followed in phases before all permanent teeth become visible. During this phase, orthodontists will use an X-ray to track the development of the teeth.

As a result, an orthodontist can address problems prior to the irreversible appearance of adult teeth and the development of jaw bones. The evaluation must be completed before the age of seven in order to make plans and preparations for the forthcoming teeth, hence avoiding the necessity for additional surgeries or tooth removal processes.

What are the benefits of Interceptive orthodontics?

The following are the advantages of interceptive orthodontics :

  • Increase the size of the upper jaw to fix a crossbite.
  • Make space for new teeth, 
  • save space for teeth that are just starting to erupt, 
  • repair unhealthy oral habits
  • shorter treatment duration

What are the possible complications of Interceptive orthodontics?

There aren't many complications when considering interceptive orthodontics, however, the spacing procedure may cause little discomfort for the child. That soreness will likewise fade and return to normal after a few days.


Beginning to take care of a child's dental health from younger ages is something that interceptive orthodontics can achieve. It is the initial step in the dental process, which entails identifying and fixing any adult-specific problems. This procedure could help your child in achieving both a gorgeous smile and excellent oral hygiene.

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