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Dental Implants vs. Dentures: A Comparison of Tooth Replacement Solutions

July 10, 2024

Whether it is age-related, caused by injury or due to health issues, sometimes tooth loss is inevitable. It might be a single tooth, or as in the case of the very elderly, most of the teeth. 

However, in any of these scenarios, there is hope and there are possibilities, thanks to the contributions of modern technology and advancements in medicine.

Depending on what the situation is, a dentist may recommend dentures or dental implants.

Dental implants are   artificial tooth roots that are embedded in the jaw bone, and allowed to fuse over a couple of months, so that they become an almost life-long support for a replacement tooth or bridge. They are then covered with a crown and appear exactly like normal teeth.

Dentures, on the other hand, are a removable set of dental appliances that appear like real, but funnily known as 'false teeth'. 

Dentures may be partial or full. Partial dentures may be a replacement option  for a few missing teeth, and fill the gaps in a way that the rest of teeth are supported and do not get damaged.

Full dentures are designed for people when all their upper teeth, or the lower teeth or all teeth are missing. Dentures appear exactly like natural teeth and gums, despite being made of synthetic materials.

Implants vs Dentures:

While both have their own benefits, it is important to understand them and seek the advice of a trusted dentist on the various treatment options available to you, specifically for your own situation.  

Here are a few basic features, when both are compared

- Implants are long-term and can last for life, with basic care and good oral hygiene. Dentures need to be refitted and changed every few years. 

- Implants are fixed. They  feel like a part of your natural set of teeth, making chewing, eating and speaking very comfortable. Dentures are removable. They may feel a little awkward to the wearer, when not measured and designed to perfection.

- Fitting implants is a longer procedure and needs minor surgery, under local anaesthesia. Dentures can be made and fitted in less time, and is a non-invasive, painless procedure.

- Implants protect the density of the jawbone, by giving it the stimulation required to stay healthy. They also support the adjacent teeth. Dentures cannot prevent the jawbone from weakening or shrinking over time, as there is no internal support within the jaw.

- Implants and dentures can both appear realistic and aesthetic. However, over time dentures may slightly alter a person's facial appearance if not fitted correctly, or if the jawbone shrinks with age. 

- The cost of each implant is expensive, due to the materials used and the process involved, but lasts for life. Dentures are more cost-effective in the short run, but have to be changed and refitted every few years.  

In both treatment options, a person's smile can be restored with brand new teeth replacements, and can feel normal, letting them smile confidently. The choice between the two depends most of all on what an individual's dental condition is, and what the expert has suggested. 

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